As a student at the University of King’s College, I was in the 2015 winter TV workshop. As a group, we put together a weekly show called The Anchor that aired on Eastlink. I made at least one video a week, so it was a steep learning process. There were a lot of roles to putting a show together, so I  got to host for one episode, was the web editor for another and be the show producer (my favourite role).

My video portfolio can also be found at my youtube channel.

I’ve interviewed an award winning comic book artist, a group that helps seniors and old dogs stay together, and took a look inside a pretty unusual house.

Graphic designer Christopher Hemsworth talks about the second annual Geequinox, a grassroots convention that brings together local artists and societies.

It’s affordable, fun and it took place on April 25-26 at the Halifax Forum.

Originally posted on April 25, 2015 on the Chronicle Herald’s website



An alternate history

Elizabeth Whitten took us into a home that’s a place out of time.

When people adopt dogs, they tend to go for puppies.

Old dogs can be left behind.

Elizabeth Whitten reports

Originally aired on The Anchor, February 19, 2015.

A recent study suggests that some people lie about liking spicy food.

Would you eat a super spicy burger to impress your friends?

One Halifax restaurant is betting you will.

Originally aired February 12, 205 on The Anchor

What sort of things do your relatives pass down?

Books, photos, junk?

Don Sedgwick’s father-in-law gave him something far more unusual.

Caitie Andrea and Elizabeth Whitten have the story

Originally aired on The Anchor

The Museum of Natural History is giving people the chance to brush up on their history.

Ancient history

Prehistoric, that is

They walked the earth over 80 million years ago and now they’re here

Caitie Andrea and Elizabeth Whitten have the story.

Originally aired on The Anchor, February 5, 2015.

Carmen, The Magic Flute, The Ring Cycle.

For opera fans, these are household names.

The Fountain School of Performing Arts is bringing something a little more modern to the stage.

Elizabeth Whitten has the story.

Originally aired on The Anchor, February 5, 2015.

The Tech industry has a reputation of being dominated by men.

Ladies Learning Code is a non-profit group that’s changing the face of tech and promoting digital literacy.

Elizabeth Whitten reports

Originally aired on The Anchor, February 5, 2015

A Canadian superhero with money problems.

A girl just starting high school who sees ghosts.

And, of course, the zombie apocalypse.

All of these come up in the comic books by Faith Erin Hicks.

One of her comics recently won an Eisner Award. That’s like winning an Oscar.

Elizabeth Whitten caught up with her.

Originally published at 1/28/15

Hundreds of Canadians are waiting for a call that could save their lives.

A registration drive was held at Dalhousie University to get people to sign on as stem cell donors.

It was organized to save one person’s life, but will help countless others.

Elizabeth Whitten reports

Dalhousie’s Quidditch team takes off at Wickwire Field with their first match of the season.

Originally published 08/27/14

International students have a lot to get used to

Adjusting to a new country, campus life, and starting classes. And winter


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